How does Ado help in cases of fraud?

  • We are very sorry if you have already been exposed to a scam, but fortunately we can help you
  • If you want to accuse someone officially, we can provide you with all the information available to us so that you can recover your right.
  • But we cannot use users’ data or share it with anyone, without official permission, meaning you must report the fraud at the police station, and the relevant department writes to us with an official request so that we can send it this information, and this is of course in order to preserve the privacy of users.
  • The information available to us is e-mail, phone, advertisement publishing site...
  • - You must know that the inspection process before buying is the responsibility of the buyer, the Ado application has no authority over the published ads, and does not guarantee their quality or safety.
  • - We cannot guarantee the seller’s seriousness or the buyer’s capabilities, and we cannot guarantee the seller’s approval that he returns the money or returns in the sale.
  • - We are a classified ads application.. I mean we provide an online market for people to buy and sell on, but we do not have any authority over these people - all we do is connect the seller and the buyer.