Posting rules on Ado

You always try to ensure an easy, comfortable and safe user experience, and unfortunately your ad is rejected because it does not comply with the publishing laws 1- Pictures - Pictures must be real from the ground, and it is not possible to transmit pictures from the Internet. - Make sure that you photographed the item you want to sell in a proper condition. - It is not necessary for the photos to have a logo, another website name, or an email on them. The photo must be in accordance with public morals, customs and traditions. - If you are showing a property, the photos must be from inside the property, do not copy photos from another website. 2- Duplicate ads: you can’t repost your ad and repeat it with more than one ad for the same product or service 3- Ad details: The description of the product displayed in the advertisement must be clear. It must be written in Arabic or English. - You can't write your mobile number, email, or any personal data in the description box. - It is useless to write in the details box any offensive statements or contrary to morals, customs and traditions. 4- The price is not reasonable 5- An advertisement for more than one product Your advertisement must be about one product only, if you make an advertisement for more than one advertisement product, it will be rejected. 6- An advertisement without a category/section. If your advertisement does not have a department/category on Ado, we will not be able to publish it, but don't worry, we make departments/categories for every thing you can imagine, the important thing is that you choose the department/category right. 7- The address is not correct The title must be clear. You can't write personal information in the title. The title must be in Arabic or English. You can't write any expressions contrary to public morals. 8- An illegal product The product / service / job you are advertising must be legal, you should not publish an advertisement that contradicts the laws of your country or with the public morals mentioned in the terms of use and privacy policy 9- E-mail / external links: You should not write any e-mail or put any external links to any other websites in the address or details field. If your ad has been rejected for any of these reasons, go back to the rejected ads page on your account, edit the ad and then click on Repost the ad. Any advertisement is prohibited if it contains any of the following products, services or practices: - Adoption of children and infants - offensive material or pornographic images - Alcoholic drinks - Weapons and sharp tools - Ferocious or special animals in the field of racing or those threatened with extinction Member trade Electronic surveillance and espionage equipment - counterfeit products Credit cards, pensions and insurance - Databases - Fireworks and explosives - Slot games Government IDs and licenses Dangerous and prohibited materials Educational certificates Illegal anesthetics - Illegal electrical equipment such as metal detectors and radars - Historical, artistic and cultural materials that are prohibited to be traded or possessed. Lottery tickets - Trademarks - Pharmaceutical products (whether prescribed or not) - Artists Pictures - play cards Equipment for police, army, navy, air force, etc. - Political ads - Illicit products such as: pepper spray, electric shock, gas or fuel Sex products and toys - Phone unlocking software and video games - Steroids Stocks, bonds and other securities Tobacco and hookah products - used cosmetics - used underwear Wildlife Products - SMS, emails and advertising services - Collect resumes, advertise fake or unknown jobs - bodyguard Financial aid projects - Witchcraft and sorcery - Massage and massage services - Marriage and dating - Money transfer hierarchical marketing services - Announcing events - Online slot games points, coins and figures - Spell legitimacy and cupping Hacking programs and movies Create more than one account - Post duplicate ads Posting ads with misleading headlines, content and images Posting ads with wrong or inappropriate images Posting ads in the wrong categories Posting ads with unreasonable prices Posting ads with redirect links to sites other than video for the same product or service as the advertisement Upload photos containing names and phone numbers Posting ads containing the option to prepay or transfer to banks Posting ads with general content - Publishing advertisements containing several goods with one advertisement. It is preferable to announce each commodity separately with a detailed advertisement - Publish an advertisement without filling in the data and uploading pictures of it - Post scam ads and fake ads Users who violate the Ado Content Policy and Ado Posting Policy in terms of advertising prohibited materials, services, etc., are subject to the following: Blacklisting them or terminating their membership Referral to legal and competent authorities. Ado's advertising policies aim to provide a pleasant and fair experience for both buyers and sellers, employers and job seekers as we work to increase trust among our users, reduce potential scams, support government laws, and uphold the values ​​of the Ado community