Safety rules

To complete the sale safely Inform the buyer of the defects of the item, in order to avoid being accused of fraud - Agree with the buyer to use the familiar and easy payment methods, and we prefer cash Never share your personal information or data, especially those related to your bank account Please do not add your email address in the description to protect your privacy - If the buyer keeps changing the meeting place or calls you from a different number every time, avoid dealing with him - For our concern for your safety, if the buyer remains seated in his car, it is preferable to ask him to get off to inspect the goods at the meeting place. To complete the purchase safely Make sure to meet the seller in safe areas in any public place - Inspect the item before completing the transaction, as this way you can avoid fraud and fraud. This also applies to renting residential units Trust your intuition and beware of unrealistic offers, for example, if you notice that the deal is very tempting, then most likely it is a fraud attempt - Do not fall into the trap of lower prices than they are usually compared to the prices offered in the market Do not deal with sellers who insist on knowing personal information about you, such as your age and bank account Never send a partial or full payment in advance, or use a credit card to pay before receiving your item - And remember this golden rule, make sure to complete the deal face to face with the seller To keep your account safe - Do not share your account login information with anyone and choose a difficult password, consisting of at least 8 letters, numbers and punctuation marks to ensure your protection, do not choose the feature to save the password in the web browser. If you notice that someone knows your password, quickly change it for you Some additional precautions Pay attention if the price of the item is very low compared to its market price Avoid dealing with a seller/buyer who refuses to complete the transaction face to face or cash on delivery - Be alert when dealing with a user who has recently created a new account on Ado If you doubt the credibility of a user's ad - Please contact us immediately at or on WhatsApp +201002585811 in case you doubt the credibility of a user's advertisement on Ado In addition, we urge you to go to the police if you fall into the trap of fraud. We are ready to provide the police with any information that serves the investigation upon their official request