Ado-ادو vision

Careful planning, designing a unique user experience, striving to achieve perfection and exceeding expectations, integrating originality and creativity with the reality of the user experience, our specialized and experienced team sought to provide distinguished services to facilitate commercial exchanges for Ado users through buying and selling through passion and continuous hard work Experiences that contribute to adding value to the classifieds field through diligent team work, which resulted in providing a platform capable of understanding user requirements in the Middle East: - Inclusion of the application to cover all products and services in all sectors corresponding to all aspects of life in the Middle East through understanding the commercial and industrial environment and services, whether at the level of individuals or the middle class for merchants and service providers from doctors, lawyers, retailers or large companies, which resulted in the application containing (12) A main section subdivides from them (85) subsections and subdivides from them (+1000) adjectives - Understand the psychology of the user in terms of a tendency to use the easiest way by steps in adding an advertisement or searching for a product or service by coordinating the Ado-application with the main and sub-sections of the main and attributes internally in the application to be an identical copy of reality in various sectors, whether products or services for all walks of life and The needs of the user or advertiser so that the user, an advertiser or a searcher for a product or service, can, in simple steps, implement what he seeks to achieve by offering or find what he is looking for The targeted geographic scope of the application service focuses largely on giving the entire country in terms of regions or governorates, and then cities - Adding advanced features according to the need to customize the application for classified ads to contribute to enjoying the experience of using the application from notifications to products added in your geographical range or the user’s choice, search and correspondence between the advertiser and the buyer, as well as searching according to the map and the appearance of the product or service on it and the nearest place to be present and what is announced in the same scope